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The law firm was founded by Lisa Donalds in 2019 with the mission of providing accessible legal advice to the community. Lisa obtained her legal experience by working with other offshore magic circle firms and the Portfolio of Legal Affairs. She is an experienced family law specialist with a broad range of experience.

Lisa has completed the Domestic Violence Intervention Training Program which makes her an empathetic and skilled advisor for clients who require orders pursuant to the Protection from Domestic Violence Law, 2010.

Legal Practice Areas

Adoption and Children’s
Legal Arrangements

Make legal arrangements for children in the event of a divorce, or issues regarding parental responsibility or adopting a child.


Navigate this trying time in your life with the help you need to provide for your children and/or protect your assets.

Guardianship and Receivership Applications

Ensure that the patient’s family is protected in the event that the provider becomes incapacitated and needs a legal guardian.

Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements

Prepare for married life with the assurance of predetermined financial arrangements with pre and post nuptial agreements.

Protection from Domestic Violence

Take back control of your life and your right to live without the threat of danger, abuse or harassment.

Wills, Probate and Administration

Decide who gets your property, name guardians for your children and more, without letting the laws of succession interfere with your final wishes.

Why Phoenix Legal?

Phoenix Legal is an accessible, collaborative and empathetic firm. These qualities enable the firm to be flexible on pricing and responsive to clients’ legal needs. The firm brings compassion to difficult areas of law. This ensures that our clients’ interests are understood and protected.

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  • It was a pleasure working with Miss Donalds. Her professionalism mixed with compassion really assisted me greatly to work through the process of my case. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking legal assistance.

    John McLean Jr.
  • Lisa Donalds is reliable and professional and it is a pleasure to work with her. Her client care and response time for family matters both in and outside of court are exemplary. Wish more lawyers were like her.

    Desiree Jacob
    Jacob Law
  • I had the opportunity to meet with attorney Lisa before my court date about my divorce and lack of support for my youngest daughter. I am very grateful for her services and advice which I put into practice and my case was a success.

    Ms. Sandra

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